Rash Vests

Rash Vests offer protection against a number of elements whilst in, on or around the water including damaging ultra violet radiation, marine life stings and scratches whilst swimming or abrasion and irritation protection when worn beneath a wetsuit. Some rash guards have a built in layer of neoprene that provides an extra layer of thermal protection beneath a wetsuit, or even by itself. There are also thicker rashies that are a combination of technical materials that are equivalent to 0.5-2.5mm neoprene, making them a great alternative to neoprene products.

Rash guards are the perfect addition to any snorkellers kit bag. These versatile garments provide up to SPF80 protection from harmful UV rays, help to provide protection from wind chill and also provide protection from stinging organisms that may be floating in the water such as jellyfish and their tentacles. Rash guards are available in a range of styles to suit varying requirements and temperatures and made from different materials.

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Chillproof Long Pants

Sharkskin Chill-Proof Pants by BARE are 100% Chill-Proof Material and are Equally-Suitable Teamed-Up..

AED 629
Ex Tax: AED 599

Chillproof Long Sleeve With Hood

More than 25% of Body-Heat is Lost through the Head and Extremities of the Body. The Sharkskin Chill..

AED 734
Ex Tax: AED 699

Chillproof Short Pants

The Sharkskin Chill-Proof Short Pants by BARE are 100% Chill-Proof Material and are Equally-Suitable..

AED 492
Ex Tax: AED 469