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BCD Jackets

The BCD, Buoyancy Control Device, allows divers to control their buoyancy by inflating or deflating a bladder to achieve positive, neutral or negative buoyancy. BCDs come is a vast range of styles that are designed for different types of diving ranging standard recreational BCDs to technical wing and harness systems.

We have a large selection of BCDs for men and also BCDs specifically cut and shaped to provide a more comfortable and supportive fit for women. You will find everything from heavy duty BCDs with plenty of lift and attachment D-rings that are perfect for divers to attached accessories to lightweight and minimalist BCDs that are perfect the travelling diver that is concerned with luggage space and weight.

The New Atomic BC1 is for the diver who wants the absolute best world-class BC on the market. Atomic begin with the intention of redefining the product category. Just as they did with regulators, fins and masks Atomic decided it was time to design the ultimate BC. The Atomic BC1 will debut as the de..
AED 5,429
Ex Tax:AED 5,170
The decision to use Cordura 1000 in creating this jacket was based essentially on the need to maximize abrasion resistance, given the intensive use these jackets are subjected to in diving centers. Another fantastic feature is the even wider range of sizes, beginning HV XXXS and reaching XL, capable..
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Seac Smart BCD, maximum resistance and functionality are the key features of this model. Fitted with safety release gravity weight pocket system. A system that combines practicality, efficiency and effectiveness. It is the ideal solution for those who love to travel and who want optional management ..
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The Zeagle Covert is an ultra-light, low profile, weight integrated back inflation BC that has everything you demand in a travel BC without the weight and bulk. Traveling light doesn't mean you should compromise. The Covert BC is for those divers counting weight by the ounce and looking for uncompro..
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Designed for the serious recreational diver who is looking for a fully-featured BC the Zeagle Halo unisex has arrived. The world's first and only jacket style BC with the patented Ripcord System - the easiest and most reliable weight release system and Personal Fit System (PFS) in the shoulders for ..
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The greatest difficulty in properly sizing a woman's Buoyancy System is not finding a smaller size, or allowing for the bust, but lies in the fact that women's bodies have a defined waist where a waistband must fasten in order to secure the BC. At the same time, women tend to have both a shorter tor..
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