Scuba diving fins allow divers to propel themselves underwater efficiently, the fins, accessories and replacement parts shown here are those selected by Simply Scuba as offering the best value for money and performance.

Paddle shaped fins have been the golden standard design throughout the ages but have received some huge benefits from channelling, combining different materials, hinges and vent technology. Paddle fins are suitable for more advanced fining techniques due to their shape.

Split Fin designs are based on studies on the shape and function of marine mammals fins. Split fins create a vortex of water that pushes you forwards using much less effort in your leg.

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Atomic Blade Fins

The Atomic Blade Fin combines 2-Fame Designs on One-Fin to Maximize Kicking Power in the Water. Atom..

AED 718
Ex Tax: AED 684

Atomic Split Fins

Split fins have become the most popular style fin in diving today. Just look around when you are out..

AED 830
Ex Tax: AED 790

Atomic X1 Blade Fin

Power Trip. Ultimate power with every kick. A new high-performance Atomic Aquatics fin at a moderate..

AED 478
Ex Tax: AED 455

F1 Seac fins Sling Strap

The F1 S Fin is a modern lightweight dual material fin with a good effort to performance ratio. The ..

AED 303
Ex Tax: AED 289