The Atomic Blade Fin combines 2-Fame Designs on One-Fin to Maximize Kicking Power in the Water. Atomic has achieved this with POWER-LOOP MONOCOQUE STR..
AED 718
Ex Tax:AED 684
Split fins have become the most popular style fin in diving today. Just look around when you are out beach diving or on the charter boat and you will ..
AED 830
Ex Tax:AED 790
Power Trip. Ultimate power with every kick. A new high-performance Atomic Aquatics fin at a moderate price. Atomic X1 Fins have a flexible blade desig..
AED 478
Ex Tax:AED 455
The F1 S Fin is a modern lightweight dual material fin with a good effort to performance ratio. The combination of soft and hard materials channel wat..
AED 303
Ex Tax:AED 289
The Avanti Quattro + non-vented fin exceeds the established performance of the traditional model thanks to the use of composite materials Tecralene, T..
AED 572
Ex Tax:AED 545
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The combination of Optimized Pivoting Blade system (OPB) and Super Channel Thrust technology make the Volo Race the perfect fins for divers who want t..
AED 336
Ex Tax:AED 320
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