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General Questions

You do not need to be a professional swimmer to learn to scuba diving. You need to know basic swim skills and be able to swim 200 meters unaided or 300 meters using fins, mask and a snorkel.
Our dive center is in the Habtoor Grand Resort on JBR. We conduct most of our courses from Dubai. Some course or part of the courses are conducted in Fujairah.
There are 4 sessions to complete in the Open Water Course. 2 in the swimming pool and 2 in the sea. Each session takes 3-4 hours to complete. You can do either 1 or 2 sessions each day. The course days do not need to be consecutive but as and when you are available.
Before scheduling your dives, you need to complete the theory materials required for your course. Once you have completed them email the PADI student e-record to and let us know when you would like to start.
We run courses 9 am to 6 pm daily and are very flexible scheduling, let us know a few days in advance before you wish to come so we can make sure we can schedule you in for the time you wish.
Once you become a PADI certified diver your certification is valid worldwide and for life. PADI just recommend that if you have not dived within 6 months you complete a refresher course to remind you of the skills needed to dive.
Once you purchase the course it is valid for one year. However, once you start the practical part of the course you need complete the course within 6 months.
The Scuba Diver Course is a lite version of the Open Water Course. There are only 2 sessions instead of 4 and once certified you will be able to dive up to 12 meters under the supervision of a diving professional, whereas with the Open Water Course you will not need to dive with a diving professional and will be able to dive up to 18 meters.
You must hold a PADI Open Water Diver certificate (or equivalent) before starting the Advanced Open Water Course.
You can either use a smart phone / tablet or computer to access the materials. If using a smart phone / tablet you will need to download PADI library application from then login with email address and password which you created while registering your materials. After that you will find the materials in PADI library. If using a computer, you will need to go to then click on Certification PAK to access the materials.
When you purchase your course direct through our website all the theory materials, equipment hire, certification fees and practical sessions are included.
The minimum age to start scuba diving is 8 years old, but all courses will be conducted only in the swimming pool / confined water. From 10 years old and above the student may enroll on the PADI certification courses such as Scuba Diver or Open Water etc.
We put no more than 4 students with 1 instructor for each session.
Yes, we offer a Discover Scuba Diving program. During the session you will be taught some basic skills of diving and get used to moving and breathing underwater in the swimming pool. Once you are comfortable an instructor will take you to the Open Water to dive.
Your instructor will have a camera and we do our best to provide photos for you during the session.
Yes, we offer private sessions, contact us for pricing information.
You need to be fit and healthy to dive. Before diving you will be required to fill out a MEDICAL QUESTIONAIRE If any of the answers are YES you will need to get a physicians approval prior to starting your in water session.
You can pay either direct through our website, or by coming into our dive center. We accept Cash or Credit / Debit Card and offer an installment plan for Emirates NBD, CBD, Dubai First and ADC when courses are purchased online.
Yes, we offer both corporate and group rates. Contact us for more information.
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