Belt and Weights

A secure weight belt or weight harness is a critical safety item for any diver, it must be able to be released quickly in an emergency allowing you to drop your weights but be secure not to come loose during normal diving activities. Those shown here are the best available.

Weightbelts are the most common ways of adding weight to your setup and come in two types: 2" webbing belts where you thread lead blocks onto it and it's held in place with a simple quick release buckle.  Pocket weight-belts have the same quick release buckle but have multiple pockets that you can put your lead into including shot lead.

Weight Harnesses hold the lead around your waist in pockets and have shoulder straps to hold it up so the lead doesn't slip down your waist.

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Sea Pearls Case Mesh Shot

The most Comfortable Weights Available, if you are placing them in Weight Pockets Hanging from a Bel..

AED 47
Ex Tax: AED 45

Sea Pearls Weight Belt 60"

60” long high-grade 2” wide nylon webbing Includes standard weight belt buckle WB60-BK (Black) WB6..

AED 42
Ex Tax: AED 40

Seac Belt Buckle Stainless Steel

The Seac Steel Buckle Weight Belt is a standard size webbing weightbelt to thread solid weight block..

AED 83
Ex Tax: AED 79

Seac Belt Rubber Marseille 160CM

The Seac Marsigliese Rubber Weight Belt is a flexible rubber weight belt with a Marseille stlye buck..

AED 188
Ex Tax: AED 179

Seac Steel Buckle Rubber Belt

The Seac Steel Buckle Rubber Weight Belt is a rubber weight belt with a quick release stainless stee..

AED 125
Ex Tax: AED 119