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UAE and Musandam Dive Sites

There is plenty to do and see under the water while diving in UAE. You can find a little bit of everything in the range of dive sites.

Diving in UAE can roughly be divided into three areas, namely the Arabian Gulf, the East Coast and Musandam.

Diving in Dubai offers a lot of wreck diving and beautiful marine life, while if you dive the east coast you can enjoy a lot of corals and wreck diving in Dibba, Fujairah and khorfakkan. Also Musandam is one of the best if you wish to see whale sharks! then you should try  to find them diving in Musandam.

Dive in Dubai

Diving in dubai offers the opportunity of a lot shipwreck dives. But you need to be at least PADI advanced open water diver (or equivalent) to this kind of dives. Dubai also offers shore dives which is a perfect place for training.

Dive in Fujairah

Diving in Fujairah is full of corals and marine life. There is also some small ship wrecks. Whether you are certified diver or just starting to learn you enjoy Fujairah waters on the Indian Ocean.

Dive in Musandam

Musandam Peninsula is a prime diving destination, In general the most colorful corals and reef life are found in Musandam, provides fine coral reef diving. Plankton rich waters attract over 900 species of fish, ranging from tiny cleaner wrasse through to whale sharks.

Dive in Khasab

Khasab is a city in Oman bordering the United Arab Emirates. It is the local capital of the Musandam peninsula. Diving in Khasab is a welcome addition to any diver’s log book. There are many sites however, more sheltered and less deep, that also welcome beginners.